After the death of her husband, the wife used to do this to have children.

Fabby Powell This lady had a dream since childhood to settle down and have a child, as she grew older, she met Josh during this time and felt that now my dream will come true.

It was only two months after Josh and Powell's relationship that Josh's health deteriorated and after checking it was found that he had cancer.

For which there was no treatment and the doctor said that he have very little time, at most he can live for two years.

There is a famous proverb that "when you love someone, you share his happiness and sorrow equally", as Powell did.

Both of them got married in 2016 and Powell got her husband's sperm frozen and with the help of that, she also gave birth to a beautiful child with the help of IVF.

So this is how Powell carried on her love story even after her husband died.

It is a matter of great courage that the code was filled inside these couples, so Josh had written that after his death, the sperm of his body should be given to his wife.

Powell told in an interview that her husband trusted her a lot and by giving this responsibility, he left this world and gave his blessings to us.

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