Amouranth is being harassed by her husband.

Guy's, there is no need for me to introduce this face, you all know her by the name of Amouranth.

It's a huge name on social media because when she comes online for chatting and gaming twitch streams, millions of fans watch her live.

In the live stream of October 15, she told that she is now a married but her married life is not going well.

This video has now been removed on Amarnath's Twitch channel, but small clips are being made and put on different social media and different channels.

In that stream, she also told that her husband threatens to kill her, And they also threaten that I will make you poor.

Her husband has tortured her so much that she had to tell all this in the live stream today, which is very bad news.

She has also said that now she will not live with her husband, she has to take divorce.

She told in this live stream that her decision to be single was very good, she got stuck by getting married now she is feeling very sorry.

Now after hearing all this we all have tension about her but she is a brave girl who took her own stand and told the world about the domestic atrocities happening.