Bad News for Kanye West Amid, no one would have thought that.

Friends, as you all know that Kanye West Amid stays in controversy every day and sometimes he lives too much.

You all know that the main reason for Kanye's ruin is his Instagram account.

His atrocities have increased so much that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian told that in November 2021 when she was in a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

When you are in relationship with someone you love them very much but when you leave them they become ex for you.

The way other people do with their ex, Kanye also started doing the same thing online started doing bad things about his ex wife.

Not only this, he always posts something like this on his Instagram, which is always in discussion.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the representative of Instagram told that the Kanye's account has been restricted because he always keep posting something wrong.

He also told that this is temporary so that he will not be able to post or message anyone, cannot do any activity on insta.

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