Did You Watch The Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer?

Friends Nintendo has soon launched the trailer of The Super Mario Bros which is very beautiful and full of animation.

Chris Pratt as Marion and Jack Black as Bowser played a role in the movie which is full of animation, which is very much liked by the audience as they were waiting for it for so long.

The trailer was launched on Nintendo's official YouTube channel, and probably premiered over 6 lakh people.

Friends I want to tell you that the trailer is not very big but it is good, One thing people liked more in this is Chris Pratt's voice which had not been heard for a long time.

Keegan-Michael has created panic in this movie, he always scold Mario for mushrooms.

There is More special in this movie that you will love but not much has been told in the trailer yet.

The director of the Mario Bro's film says that if everything tells you in the trailer itself, then watching the film will not be fun, which is the right thing and the public also wants the same.

Pratt told that it was my big dream to play the role of mario. He remembered spending hours of his life at his neighbourhood laundromat stomping Koopas in the first Mario arcade game. 

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