Every American Who Is 22 Years Old Or Younger Should Know These Rules Of Life.

Find New Way To Make Money Or Create Your's.

Your Diet Isn't Just What You Eat But Also What You Watch, Read Many More.

Don't Take Advice From People Who Aren't Where You Want To Be.

No One Is Going To Solve Your Problem. Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility.

You Don't Need 1000 Books To Help You, All You Need Is Action And Self Discipline.

College Is A Waste Of Time For 99% Of People. You Can Learn 10 Time Faster From The Internet.

No One Cares About You, So Stop Being Shy. Go Out And Create Your Own Chance.

If You Find Someone Smarter Than You, Work With Them, Don't Compete.

Your Job Controls Your Salary, It Does Not Control Your Income.