Friends, now if I say do you know him?, then it will look a like stupid because every child in the world knows him, his name is "Jeff Bezos".

Guy's, for your information, let me tell you that Jeff Bezos has recently donated $711 million to a cancer center.

Amazon owner "Jeff Bezos" made such a big donation to help poor people, but the rest millionaires, did not discuss much about the donation.

You all must know about the "National Football League" which is going to be published this time on "Amazon Prime Video".

Earlier you used to watch any sports on Hotstar or on any TV channel, now you can also watch it on Amazon as well, which has started with NFL.

"Jeff Bezos" has said about the economy, and confirmed that the recession is going to definitely come.

Amazon is a very big platform in the world of e-commerce, which has a big hand in America's economy.

Jeff Bezos had made a tweet on Twitter that people will get the courage to face recession and he said that there is no time for this, so everyone should be ready for this in advance.

We know that people will face a lot of problem due to recession, but we have to be prepared for this because it is sure that a recession will come, told this in an interview of Solomon on CNBC

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