Now every American will get $1,400 from IRS, know why?

The cost of living and food in America has increased a lot, due to which people are using more cash.

Now let us tell you here that in the last few weeks, 9 million homes have been sent a letter by IRS which includes many benefits. In this One person will get $1400.

You will be given so many benefits by the IRS that you cannot even imagine. For this you should thank inflation which came in corona virus.

IRS had to face a lot of problems to make all the benefits reach every single person in America.

If you do not have any children then you will be given income tax credit from $543 to $1502

And remember you will get a income tax credit of $3618 for one child, the same if there are two children you will get a income tax credit of $5980 and if there are three children you will get $6728.

This child tax can be levied even by those who do not do any job or business, said "Eric Smith" spokesperson of IRS.

This letter of IRS will reach your home very soon if you have not filed tax return for 2021, then get ready for surprise gift from IRS.

At the end, I will say that the government has thought a lot about us, so many thanks to the American government and IRS.