Rex Orange County Has Been Accused Of 6 sexual assault allegations.

Friends Rex Orange County has been charged with 6 sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom

One of the most famous musicians of the UK, whom people have named Alexander O'Connor and his very famous song is Loving is Easy.

Alexander assaulted a woman twice in June, then he once assaulted a woman in a taxi and three times he assaulted a woman in his own home.

He has requested the judge at Southwork Crown Court which is in London that he is innocent, he has not done anything like this.

Alexander is shocked to hear the allegation of sexual harassment against him and will do whatever it takes to prove his innocence.

Alexander told Buzzfeed News that he will not comment on this matter any further as the matter is very serious right now.

Alexander made an announcement in July in which he said that due to some personal issue he had to cancel all upcoming programs.

At that time he did not say that he was accused of sexual harassment.

This is a very sad accident, our support is with Alex, we hope that he will get out of this problem soon.