It had been 61 years that no one had broken Roger Morris' record, which was that he had scored a home run of 61. Which happened in 1961 in New York Yankee.

But you must know that records are made to be broken, Aaron judge who made 62 home runs with their bat.

Friends, for your information, let me tell you that Aaron Judge is 30 years old, who made a new record of the game in New York Yankee by scoring 62 home runs.

On this great achievement, everyone praised Aaron Judge very much and his fans encouraged him a lot.

Not only this, but Aaron Judge's friends and family members came to his house and hugged him and everyone got together and party.

This is a big achievement for the judge because no one had broken this record for 61 years and he showed it by adding which is a big deal.

For many decades, Yankee's Mark was the only one who had made this record and his record could not be broken even by Willie Mays and Hanker.

Judge played well in his 7th season and scored more than 62 home runs

The judge has 131 balls, which is the best score in the American League, with an average score of 311.