Guy's, you must have seen a flying car in "The Jetsons" and "Harry Potter" movie, which is now going to be true in real life.

A car company has announced that it has got approval from the Aviation Department, very soon a flying car has been launched in the market.

The name of the company that is making this flying car is Switchblade.

In this flying car, there will be seating for only two people, which will run on the road like a normal car and on reading the need, a button will also start flying in the sky like a flight.

It usually has all the features it should have, and one special thing is that if the car is in the air and you are unable to press a button, then these automatic functions will be triggered.

According to Bousfield, "one thing that has continually stuck with me is that a planner is both designer and half craftsman."

"It seems to a good mixture with which to advance toward something as out of the box as a car capable of flying."

This car flies up to a height of almost 16000 feet and its speed is 190 kmph, while when it runs on the ground, its speed is 125 kmph.

This one car will cost $1,70,000

It will be a fantastic flying machine as well, argues Samson, on the off chance that the underlying flight testing goes as well as we have witnessed.