Guy's, do you know that one penny can get $ 1.1 million, if you do not know, then there is nothing to worry about, 

let's have a story today, we will tell you how you can earn $ 1.1 million with one penny.

The money we get 100 years ago, if we have it today, then we can become millionaires, all the money that was stamped by the bank at that time is worth millions in today's time.

There are 10 such pennies, one of them is the Lincoln penny which was sold for $3,65,625/-

There are other pennies also that were made between 1909 and 1915, which are of very good quality and they also cost $1,00,000/- for each penny.

Abraham Lincoln, the President who was known for leading the country through the Civil War, Abraham was elected President in 1861 and was killed in 1865.

Initials at the lower portion of the back of the pennies were removed not long after the Lincoln cents were introduced.

Currently, they are perched on the coins' facade just below the ledge and beneath Lincoln's arm.

Before Lincoln, there was a photo on Penny portrayals of a lady of the United States who had long hair that represented freedom.