Uber Passenger Had To Pay £35,000 For Just 15 Minute Ride

A passenger booked an Uber whose distance was only 15 minutes but the passenger paid $39000 for that 15 minute ride.

Oliver Kaplan booked an Uber after he completed his job in England and He was going to visit a friend.

Uber was showing only £10 to £11 fare at that time, but When he checked his email the next morning app was saying you don't have enough balance to pay the fare.

Kaplan said that he had booked uber the same way as others normally book Uber, the driver came and he sat in the car and driver took him exactly where he was meant to be going and payment was debited from the debit card for £11.

Kaplan said that the next day when he came to know about all this, he called customer care, then he came to know that the drop location was wrongly set to Australia, so he got such a high fare.

 After this, Uber investigated all these things and then adjusted their fare, what Kaplan was supposed to pay Uber was £10.73.

Kaplan said that it is a good thing that there was not enough money in my account, otherwise these people used to make me go to the office everyday for a refund.

Because their policy is very bad, if you have paid less money or something like that, then they will follow you up and get that payment done quickly.

But on the other hand, if you have paid more then it does not seem that much effort for a refund, they give a refund but after wasting a lot of time.