What happens when Google is turned off for 5 minutes?

Friends, in today's time, Google has become a favorite search engine in the world, on which people trust more than the limit.

In such a situation, what happens to people when Google shuts down for 5 minutes?

Google gives the solutions of all problems, because today Google has become such a big search engine that if you want anything, search on Google, then you will get it.

Whether you want a job, or you have any health related problem or whatever, you will get it all.

Google is such a big platform but it still does not have complete control over the world because apart from this there are other search engines also.

In 2013, the amount of traffic that Google had with organic was reduced by 40%, that too for only 5 minutes, but not only Google but the rest of the other web was also down.

It is a pleasure that this service was closed for only 5 minutes, if it was closed for a longer time, then the world would have suffered a lot.

With this it has now been proved that Google is involved in all that you search online, we are wondering how much problem it must have caused people even in 5 minutes.

If the internet is down again then will google help or will the internet end, so the answer is absolutely no, some traffic will work again for some time but later it will be correct.