'America's Got Talent' going global with all-stars version

Friends, if you are a fan of America's Got Talent, then let me tell you that the (AGT) is now going global.

This show to be on air by NBC is very special because it will call all those old contestants from United States and also from other countries to perform.

This show being done by NBC will call all the popular stars here and the ones who are the winners of AGT, will call all the finalists and all popular stars in public.

Now when so many people are coming to perform so there will be a judge also to judge those performance and you guys know those judges too.

such as Simon Cowell, Handy Klum and Howe Mandal. It's going to be a lot of fun don't forget to watch it.

Friends, now for your information, let me tell you that when such a big show is happening, then the work will be more, the host will also have to work hard.

So in such a situation, host Terry Cruz and other staff will also have to do more work by swapping.

This show has been created to give a platform to the people through which the talent of the people is exposed to the world.

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