Arizona Attorney General Mark Baranovich recently told that they have made a settelement to Google for $85 Million.

Baranovich said that Google illegally tracks the location of the users, which is not safe at all and is not right also.

Baranovich sued Google in May 2020, saying that Google software was not designed and coding properly.

Because the details of the users are misused and Google tracks them incorrectly.

The internet company was charged with invasion of privacy, giving users no obvious option to stop location tracking, and using users' locations to boost ad income. 

Whenever user has turned off the location, even after that Google tracks their location illegally with the help of other applications.

Like Web & App Activity to sells ads. Google earns more money by selling aids in this way

This is the biggest consumer fraud of Arizona and this amount was also sued by the government from Google, which Google had to pay.

Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda told that this program was very old which we accept and now we have changed it. so user's data are safe and secure you can use location for your easy.

Out of all the money that will be received from the settlement, most of it will go for attorney general education.